Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Brothers Senior Prom (Zach)


In this photo Dad didnt snap it in time. We ended kissing Zach for it seemed about 5 minutes before the photo was taken. This picture was taken to make sister Heidi and Kris feel bad that they didnt come to watch Zach at his Senior prom. Hope you feel bad. We still love you Becca and Kylee

We were at the park playing while Amyah had her first soccer practice. She has added this too our busy schedule. Her first game was cancelled because of the snow storm, but she is looking forward to her game this week.

Spring Fever

The first nice day in April the kids were ready to go test out the track in the back yard. Cadyn rode with Amyah on the four wheeler while watching Coby ride the track.

Amyahs Doctor at Mayo Clinic

I finally brought my camera with to Mayo. This is a picture of Amyahs Dr. Mahoney. He is a pediatric optomologist at Mayo. She has been seeing him for a year or so. He is mainly concerned with her vision in her tumor eye. Our last appointment they decided to do another surgery in June to reduced the fluid and excess scar tissue on her forhead. We have another appointment on June 3 and then it is scheduled for surgery on June 4. Amyah is a little nervous but we are reassuring her everything will be in Gods hands and this is what she needs. We will keep you informed when she has surgery. Keep her in your prayers.
Running around Great Grandmas house looking for eggs. The older boys hid the eggs and ended up just tossing them in the grass after about 5 minutes because they realized it was taking to long. Coby helped Cadyn and Korbyn while Jenny and Becca took photos.

Easter Basket Gifts

This year I put puzzels in the kids easter baskets and it took Coby the longest to get the puzzle done. Cadyn had to end up helping Coby. By the time Tim comes home from work Cadyn will have about 4 puzzles on the floor and tables which he did about 7times each throughout the day.

Easter photos

The kids wanted to color easter eggs. They colored all of the eggs but only lasted a few minutes trying to decorate them by the time they were ready to call it quits.

Cadyn found his easter basket after about five minutes of looking. Amyah had to get some help from Coby. And Coby found his in the stove where I think Tim hides it each year.

After church on Easter we always go to Grandma Rays house in viborg to celebrate. This year I made about 100 eggs for the kids to find not realizing that the only kids were mine and Tony and Jennys boy Korbyn otherwise the kids are all over the age of 10 so my kids ended up with alot of the candy I was hoping to get rid of.