Ockenga Family

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snowboarding at Red Lodge Montana. This was New Year's Eve we spent the day on the mountain

Tonya found a cute little flower to put in Ava's hair.

Ava didnt like the flower sitting on the top of her head.

Tonya looks like she is ready to have another baby. She looks good on you hip.


This is the first day that we got to Powell. We are hanging out in her closet. I guess we followed Tonya into the closet to find a bow for Ava's hair.

The girls had a spa day while the boys went sleding

Lauryn was putting the pom pom on my head so then I put on on her head.

This was the night on Greg's 30th Birthday. We had alot of fun and already miss them and we have only been home a day.

Vacation in Wyoming

Hanging out at Greg and Tonya's house for Greg's 30th Birthday. We had a wonderful time visiting the Bennett's in Powell Wyoming.

Tonya's neighbor had a little girl only two weeks younger than Ava but Ava is about 5 lbs heavier than her.

The girls just hanging out. Tonya, Jana, Becca and Amyah

The Big Horns. We stopped on our way home.

Our final moments in Powell Wyoming with the Bennetts. We were getting ready to head back to South Dakota and I had to get one final photo before we left.