Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dad helping out his little boy. Cadyn was so excited to race for the first time. Tim wasnt sure he wanted him to race yet but he was determined to race. He got his way and did a good job for the first time.

Coby jumping the finish line in Renner. He ended up winning all his races for the day. He rode very well.

Coby playing 8th grade football. He is finally able to play after his broken foot. He is really doing a good job. His number is 34 and yes he is getting tackled in this photo.

Cadyns first motocross race in Renner. His dad is pretty proud of him. However this means more money in entry fees. Tim said he got alot of crap from friends that Cadyn is riding Cobys old bike.

DSU Lego Parade. The kids really enjoyed blowing bubbles on the float down mainstreet Madison

Our little Ava sitting watching the parade.

Coby really is enjoying his little sister. He is the best big brother. He loves to take care of her whenever he get the chance. Mom really is missing him while he is at school.
Ava is starting to roll over when we put her on her belly. She is also really good at keeping her head up. But when she gets tired she wil nod her head and bump her nose on the hard rug.

The kids got to be on the float in the DSU parade today. They rode on the hospital float with Grandma Lori.

Kylee marching in the DSU parade. She had to make without older brother Zac who graduated last year and is know attending DSU.

Cadyns first motocross race. He did really well. I mean he made it around the whole track without crashing. But Tim started him out in first gear instead of second and when he was taking off he hit the shifter and hit it into neutral. So he ended up going down. He only went down in the corner one time.

Homecoming week in Garretson. Yes our house got teapeaed. It was a couple of seventh grade girls that Coby knows.

Coby and Amyah are getting ready to go to school for Blue and White Day. We even painted their fingernails. But Coby said he got crap at school so came directly home and took it off. I said they were only jealous because they didnt think of doing it themselves.

Ava is growing so quickly. She is our little screamer. I think she does this to get attention in our busy household.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

While at the motocross race in Renner Ava was making the most intersting faces only if we knew what she was thinking.

On Labor Day after getting back from camping I took the kids to the apple orchard. We had Ella tag along. The kids really enjoyed eating the apples. Ella said they were spicy but they were really kid of tart tasting.

Amyah wanted to take Ava to school with her in her backpack. Doesnt she look like she could be Amyahs doll.

First Day of School

This is Cobys first day of 8th grade and Amyahs first day of 3rd grade. They were a little nervous but excited.

Cadyns first day of preschool. Mom is sad because the is her first child that never has been left to a babysitter and is know going for a couple of hours twice a week to school. Know mom has a couple hours to give her time to Ava. This is his teachers for the year.

On the way to school the kids could tell he was excited because he talked the whole way. He was telling Coby that he was going to tell his teacher that he raced dirtbikes and Coby said you dont race yet so he decided he would tell her he rides dirtbikes.

Cadyn gave mom a little smirk for a smile. The teacher had him sit down and draw what he thought he would learn in preschool and he was drawing a picture of his family.

Cadyns first day of school the kids were more excited than Cadyn was. Amyah cant wait until Thursday because he will ride the bus with them and she will take him to his classroom by herself.

Family Life

Amyah First Soccer game in Sioux Falls she is actually learning how to play by the rules of this year. She loves soccer.

When Cadyn plays the psp he likes to have Ava watch him. She enjoys seeing all the colors on the dirt bike game Cadyn is playing.

Watchin Amyah play her soccer game.

When I lay Ava down for a nap she loves to cuddle with her blanket. If you can see she is under the blanket. So after a few minutes I come in and check on her and remove the blanket from her face.
Cadyn riding his dirt bike out at the Renner track. This is the bike that Coby had when he first started riding 8 years ago.

Amyah and Korbyn are also riding out at Renner. Amyah loves her fourwheeler.

Coby Amyah and Cadyn getting ready to go ride on the track together.

Cadyn cannot stand on his dirt bike yet so if Tim doesnt catch him he just tips over.
Ava got to get pulled in the little buggy behind moms bike while on our nature ride. She enjoyed the ride but each time I would stop she would have little dirt spots on her head.

While we were taking a water break Coby was sitting on the bench and a bird pooped on his arm.

Cadyn and Mom worked the hardest on the bike ride. Mom pulled Ava and the bike Cadyn rode didnt have any gears so he worked the hardest up and down the hills.


Coby is growing up so fast he is already a teenager and I remember when he was my little baby boy. We went to Lake Shetek for the weekend and the kids enjoyed swimming in the lake.

The kids wanted to go canoeing with dad. He warned them that it was alot of work but they still wanted to go. Ava and mom stayed back and took a little nap and woke up and hour later to go get pictures of them on the canoe but in the door they walked. They said it stinked and was alot of work. Overall it was fun but they were glad they were done and didtn want to go again.
This was the part of the trip the kids looked forward to at night. Campfire and marshmallows.

Coby riding on the tetertotter.

On the first day we rode bikes into town about 5 miles to go to a railroad museum. The kids really enjoy the play train at a train station. They learned alot from the tour.