Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Friday, October 10, 2008

Racing Buddies

At night while we were camping the boys would go find firewood and we would have a fire to sit and mingle by. The last time Tim and Trevor went to get wood they came back with a Christmas tree. Then they had this bright idea to put gas in a bag and throw it on the tree and once that caught fire it was very large flames. Then the tree was gone. All that was left was one stick in the air. The boys really enjoyed playing with fire. Dont ever do this at home or camping.
In this picture is Tim, Chris and Bob.


On our way back from Cobys race in Millville Ava was sucking on her toes for the first time. Then when we got home in the mail was a flyer that is for kids 5-6 months which explains what she should be doing and one of the first things was that she will start to recognize her toes and put them in her mouth. This is exactly what she is doing and she will be 5 months already on the 13th of this month.

Every chance Coby gets he is holding his baby sister. He loves her alot. The kids are really enjoying all the new things she is learning.


Coby racing at Millville MN. (#454) We got to go to the this national race on a thursday through sunday.

Melissa, Becca and Kim. Motocross Buddies. This is our time to spend girl time together. The day that Kim arrived at Millville the girls took off to Minneapolis to do some shopping. They went out for lunch at PF Changs and then went shopping to end the day they went to the Cheesecake Factory to enjoy dessert before they headed back to the track. We had a great time.
We went over to Scott and Janas house to watch the Bears game and Jana and I were more interested in looking at Tonyas blog. We are hanging out in her room on her computer looking at blogs.

Coby racing his last race at Millville for the season. He did alright but they didnt have many people show up. This is a picture of him going down right in front of the whoops. It was like he knew he was going down because we were right in front of him and I just knew that he knew he was going down so it was like he was moving in slow motion.

Our friends from the Hannas from Iowa got to pit right next to us. This is Becca and Melissa just hanging out during the races.

Kalista, Amyah and Cadyn got to spend 3 days playing at the track. However the second we left Cadyn was already asking when we were going to be able to see the Hannas again.
I took a girls senior pictures and here are a couple of them. They all turned out really well. Kris I think there are a couple that need her hair moved out of her eyes. When I post them they are not as good quality as they look otherwise.