Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cadyn helping out with the house work. He is always willing to help, sometimes he wants to help out too much.

Cadyn loves eating apples. He likes eating them so much he eats them in his sleep. He has always been a fruit lover and stays awake until mom and dad go to be usually eating an apple.

Moms baby Cadyn

Having fun in Vegas with our best friends in the whole world. We really miss the Bennetts but look forward to doing this every year or every other year.

Coby racing in Millville Mn in the summer of 2007

Kim, Becca and Steph at the Halloween party at Stephs house in LeMars,IA

Having fun while the Bennetts were back visiting us in South Dakota.

Cobys first year in football. He did a great job and can't wait until next season.

Halloween Time. No Tim and Becca didnt take the kids trick-or-treating in those outfits. We had an adult party at friends in LeMars IA we wish Greg and Tonya and Scott and Jana would have been able to come along with us. Greg should I look for those pictures and post them. Just kidding

Cobys first year playing basketball for Garretson. He was a little nervous about playing until the first game and he found out he was a starter. This makes playing a little more fun.

Amyah at a dance recital. She is our little jazz and tap girl.

Our New years party. We stayed up until 3:00 in the morning playing monopoly with Scott and Jana. Cadyn did make it to midnight before he was asleep on the couch.

The kids enjoying the first snowfall of the year. It was quite cold out but they still played out for a couple of hours.

Coby jumping the finish line at the Brookings Arena Cross Race on January 19th