Friday, February 22, 2008

Coby and a few other kids on the seventh grade team got asked to play with the eight grades at a tournament in Dell Rapids. He was pretty excited until they played Edgerton and they had a 6ft6 tall eight grader.

I am posting these two photos for Cadyns cousin Kaylor. These are the two things he loves. Eating chocolate and strawberries, and doing puzzels.

Cadyn is hanging out with his high school buddies at one of Cobys Basketball games. The second picture is his buddy Patrick who he calls Patrick Star.

Amyah enjoying holding her new little cousin Matti. This is Becca sister Heidis little girl.

Tim was in Wyoming on Valentines Day so I took the kids to eat at Texas Roadhouse and we then went to Spiderwick Chronicals after that. We had a wonderful Valentines Day but missed Tim.

The Family hanging out at Cobys Basketball tournament. Cadyn loves to take pictures with moms camera, thats why he isnt in the photo and Coby is playing the game.

This photo was when the kids had to dress back in the 80-early 90s. They called aunt Katti to see what they should wear. They just wanted her advise. Thanks Katti they look great.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Amyah did a wonderful job she is our mini cheerleader.

Hanging out with friends on super bowl sunday. From left to right Becca, Tim, Scott, Jana, Keith, Steph, Bob and Kim. This is at the Ockengas house.

This picture is for you Tonya Bennett. Can you see how big my tummy is. Yea it is getting big. But I only have until May. This was taken at Amyahs cheerleading performance last night at the basketball game.

Cobys Basketball Game. Basketball keeps us really busy we had a game last night and then tonight and all weekend. I keep reminding him how much it keeps him in shape for motocross.

Amyah had a cheerleading camp at the Boy Basketball game last night. She was a little nervous but cant wait unitl next year. She did a wonderful job.

Brandon and Tim hanging out at the motocross race in Brookings