Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mexico Vacation

Tim and Coby rented skim boards to use on the beach. This was alot of work but they said it was also alot of fun.

BABY GOT BURNT. This happened while Amyah was getting her hair done. It was hard for me to get my back as tan as my tummy because I couldnt lay on my tummy, so Amyah dug me a hole in the sand to lay my tummy in.

Mexico Vacation

The beautiful sunset in Mexico on the beach

Amyah and Cadyn showing off their dance moves while the DJ played Techno

Tim got to marry Katie and Greg. They were already married but Katie wrote out what she wouldl like Tim to read. Cadyn got to stand up and hold the rings.

The Family with Greg and Katie Jones

mexico Vacation

Hanging out at the pool in our house.

Gregs and Katies Wedding Day. The family hanging out with buddy Greg.

While walking on the beach these people were selling fresh fruit in a cup. The kids couldnt pass up the watermelon. This was our favorite while in Mexico. Becca and Tim got a pinapple drink to share.

Cadyn would last a couple hours without getting full of sand but once he started to dig deep he wouldnt stop and ended up looking like this.

Amyah sat for almost an hour while this lady braided her hair. She had it done on Friday so that she would wear it for about a week to school and dance.

Mexico Vacation

Hanging out at the beach another day of our vacation.

Hanging out at Greg and Katies house on the beach. We had a BBQ this night. Cadyn likes to test his luck by walking around the pool.

The kids are ready to go back to our house to bed. They didnt complain the whole time. We knew they were ready to go when they would start hanging on mom.

Once we got back to our house they thought they were going to watch TV but that didnt last very long.

Monday, March 10, 2008

These pictures were taken at the beach that Tim learned to surf. The kids took a walk along the beach and were able to find alot of sea shells so we can home with three bags full of sea shells.

Where Becca was laying out she found a hermet crab crawling beside her. When she showed the kids they said down the beach they saw the same thing but alot bigger.

Coby tried out Lukes surfboard just on the shallow end.

Mexico Vacation

We went to another beach about 20 minutes from Salyuita and then another mile walking in the trees. At this beach Tim and Luke got lessons in surfing. Tim got up a coulple of times but it was alot of work and the waves were pretty big.

Hanging out at the Beach. Coby was playing with Cadyn and teaching him how to write in the sand.

The first photo is Tim hanging out with our buddy Greg the reason we got to go on this vacation. He got married out in Mexico.

Cadyn hanging out on the beach. He loved the sand. Dad decided to bury him and couldnt just bury him but had to make boobies on him.

Becca decided to go in the ocean at least one time the whole week and of course Tim held on to me tight so when the wave came we got soaked. I dont care for the taste of the salt water, and after that it also gave me a bloody nose. So this is the only time you caught me going under in the water.

Mexico Vacation

Amyah and Cadyns first time in the Ocean. They didnt dig the salt water if you cant tell

Hanging out on the beach was what we did most. The kids were up by 6:30 and we were at the beach by 9:00 so we all got a little bit of a tan and also we got burnt.