Thursday, July 31, 2008

Broken Broken Broken and Broken

Coby went to a motocross race last night in Moville IA and crashed on his dirtbike. He went into a corner and we think the peg on his bike is what has crushed his foot. When he got it x-rayed they said they havent even seen the top of the foot broken on all four toes in the 16 years he has been a specialist. So Coby is going to be out for about 6 weeks so that means no football this year. Mom is hoping he will be able to play basketball and Tim is hoping he will be back for a national motocross race in Millville. Overall we are pretty lucky because he has been racing for about 7 years and this is his first broken bone. God Bless

Coby sat next to Cadyn and was giving him a big brother time. I looked over and told Amyah to get the camera and take a photo before the boys saw her.


Tim bought me a new camera so I took the family down to the state park by our house to take a couple family pics.
We had a good time but we couldnt get Cadyn to smile very good. He was tired of taking the photos after only a few.

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I make the kids birthday cakes each year. Cadyn wanted a motocross party so I had to try and make a race track cake. It didnt turn out to bad.

Amyahs birthday cake was easy I just bought a edible photo to place on the cake.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mother and Daughter Makeover

Amyah before her haircut

Becca is ready to get rid of the long hair

Amyah and Mom after their haircut makeover


Amyah finally decided to go down the body slide by herself.

Coby and Amyah were teaching Jana and I how we are suppose to wear their hats. I guess the rounded brim and wearing it to the front are not cool anymore.


We were getting ready to take a trip to Sioux Falls and Coby had Ava laughing.


She was sitting in her highchair and Amyah was talking to her. She loves it when the kids talk with her. She tries so hard to say something back to them.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Tayson (Tims brother Tharrons little boy) and Coby hanging out on the Fourth of July

Beccas Bro Zach and Grandpa Ray and Dad Don just sitting and watching others play pool in the house before the fireworks begin.

Paint Ball Battle Field


The kids wanted to go to Split Rock and swim in the river so I took the camera with and took a few photos of Ava outside. It was very warm today so she was just in her under shirt. The first photo shows you how large her feet are. We have always thought she has big feet which we hope that means she will be tall. She is going to be two months old tomorrow and she has already been talking for a few weeks already. She tries so hard but only choos but the other kids really enjoy talking to her.


Becca and Ella enjoying the start of the fireworks together.

Amyah hanging out with cousins Kelsey and Kaylor.

Cadyn doing a large sparkler that Aunt Kris brought for him.

Tims sister Katti's birthday is on the Fourth of July and Becca makes a flag cake for her each year. We were glad to see her come this year so we could sing to her.

Fourth of JULY

Payton (Jenny and Tony Ockengas little girl) I grabbed the camera the second that I saw Payton reaching for my Mello Yello. It was so cute.

Scott Richardson getting ready to paintball. He tried to tell us that he was going to wear just his underwear. When he walked out Jana asked what was in his pants. He ended up getting clothes on before he went in the battle field.

Jana and Becca hanging out on the Fourth of July. It was pretty crazy with all the people I had to make sure to get in a couple of snap shots.

Jana,Ella, Becca and Cadyn

Lila, Amyah, and Zoey watching the big boys paint ball on the motocross track.


Becca and Kylee went shopping together and this was the last festive shirt that we could find so we ended up matching. I just wouldnt let her wear white shorts.

Becca and friend Steph. We meet and became friends through our boys racing motocross together.

This is the big BBQ out back of our house. We ended having around 83 people show up for the party. Each year it gets bigger and bigger during the day the boys ride motocross in the back yard and then this year they had a paint ball war. After this is was time for fireworks. Everyone stayed until around midnight. And a few people spent the night.
Getting the basketball hoop up before the fourth of July. We always try to cram thing in a couple days before we have a party. This was one of many projects.


Ava just hanging out. She is already 2 months old. Time is going so fast that we need to take time each day to remember how she is changing.