Friday, October 10, 2008

We went over to Scott and Janas house to watch the Bears game and Jana and I were more interested in looking at Tonyas blog. We are hanging out in her room on her computer looking at blogs.

Coby racing his last race at Millville for the season. He did alright but they didnt have many people show up. This is a picture of him going down right in front of the whoops. It was like he knew he was going down because we were right in front of him and I just knew that he knew he was going down so it was like he was moving in slow motion.

Our friends from the Hannas from Iowa got to pit right next to us. This is Becca and Melissa just hanging out during the races.

Kalista, Amyah and Cadyn got to spend 3 days playing at the track. However the second we left Cadyn was already asking when we were going to be able to see the Hannas again.