Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

This is Cobys first day of 8th grade and Amyahs first day of 3rd grade. They were a little nervous but excited.

Cadyns first day of preschool. Mom is sad because the is her first child that never has been left to a babysitter and is know going for a couple of hours twice a week to school. Know mom has a couple hours to give her time to Ava. This is his teachers for the year.

On the way to school the kids could tell he was excited because he talked the whole way. He was telling Coby that he was going to tell his teacher that he raced dirtbikes and Coby said you dont race yet so he decided he would tell her he rides dirtbikes.

Cadyn gave mom a little smirk for a smile. The teacher had him sit down and draw what he thought he would learn in preschool and he was drawing a picture of his family.

Cadyns first day of school the kids were more excited than Cadyn was. Amyah cant wait until Thursday because he will ride the bus with them and she will take him to his classroom by herself.