Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cadyns first motocross race. He did really well. I mean he made it around the whole track without crashing. But Tim started him out in first gear instead of second and when he was taking off he hit the shifter and hit it into neutral. So he ended up going down. He only went down in the corner one time.

Homecoming week in Garretson. Yes our house got teapeaed. It was a couple of seventh grade girls that Coby knows.

Coby and Amyah are getting ready to go to school for Blue and White Day. We even painted their fingernails. But Coby said he got crap at school so came directly home and took it off. I said they were only jealous because they didnt think of doing it themselves.

Ava is growing so quickly. She is our little screamer. I think she does this to get attention in our busy household.