Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Coby is growing up so fast he is already a teenager and I remember when he was my little baby boy. We went to Lake Shetek for the weekend and the kids enjoyed swimming in the lake.

The kids wanted to go canoeing with dad. He warned them that it was alot of work but they still wanted to go. Ava and mom stayed back and took a little nap and woke up and hour later to go get pictures of them on the canoe but in the door they walked. They said it stinked and was alot of work. Overall it was fun but they were glad they were done and didtn want to go again.
This was the part of the trip the kids looked forward to at night. Campfire and marshmallows.

Coby riding on the tetertotter.

On the first day we rode bikes into town about 5 miles to go to a railroad museum. The kids really enjoy the play train at a train station. They learned alot from the tour.